Usher, R. Kelly, Mike Tyson, Russell Simmons and Bill Cosby are among the men who've been accused of some sort of sexual misconduct. In this day and age, the court of public opinion will easily convict someone before they even have a chance at a trial. Despite this, Boosie doesn't believe the allegations against the several Black men in the entertainment business who've been accused of heinous crimes.

Speaking to VLADTV, Boosie Badazz dished out his thoughts on people R. Kelly, Mike Tyson and other people who've been accused of sexual misconduct and rape in the past. When Boosie was asked about why Hugh Hefner didn't face the same type of backlash as R. Kelly for accusations of dealing with underage women, Boosie believed there was a bigger factor that played a role.

"When people put a black cloud over your head, that motherf**ker is hard to get off. That’s what happened to R.Kelly, man," he said. "If that was a regular R&B artist who had legal girls, it wouldn’t be nothing, but it’s R.Kelly. He had a black cloud over his head that’s why that do that to that man. Now you want to take his music off Spotify. I got mad. I got in my feelings. I put a post up on Instagram ‘How the f**k you gonna f**k with that man’s music!?’ Now you going too far, man.” He said.

Boosie then went on to say that he doesn't believe that Usher, Russell Simmons, Mike Tyson and other men accused of sexual misconduct are actually guilty of the allegations. He suggested that these men didn't need to rape anyone because women throw themselves at celebrities.

Boosie then spoke on Bill Cosby's conviction and while he didn't say that he felt Cosby was innocent, he did say that whatever accusation Cosby faced was extremely difficult to get out of.

"How we gon' fight that? They puttin' us in a bad position," he said. "If they come back, 20 years from now, every rapper and say, 'Boosie Badazz touched me.' Or '21 Savage grabbed my ass.' What fight we got with in court? He say she say? 'Cause she got a ticket sayin' she came to the concert? That's illegal prosecution, man. How we gon' fight it?"

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