We've seemingly moved on from DaBaby's Rolling Loud controversy, but the topic found new life during Boosie Badazz's latest interview. The Louisiana rapper regularly sits down with VladTV for a lengthy, often epic chit-chat, and this time, they focused on DaBaby. Over the summer, DaBaby caught heat about his remarks regarding the gay community and HIV/AIDS, resulting in backlash. Boosie has repeatedly come forward to defend DaBaby, and this recent discussion fell in line with his previous sentiments.

Boosie explained that DaBaby was booked to perform at Boosie Bash since last year, so the timing of the controversy was coincidental. However, there was a brief time that Boosie was worried that DaBaby would cancel.

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"I was callin' him for like a month and he wouldn't answer," said Boosie. "But I knew he was going through a lot of sh*t, but he finally answered and he came through for me like a real one. He really did. Despite all the sh*t he was going through, he came to Boosie Bash, bro. That says a lot about him not selling his soul."

Boosie also suggested that because he defended DaBaby on Instagram, the powers that be took that as an opportunity to shut him down. When he learned of all the festivals and events canceling DaBaby's performances, Boosie said he was "pissed."

"I was pissed man, I was pissed at them people because I just felt like they was trying to teach him a lesson for the next big rapper that's on top like this," he said. "If you ever do this, this is what's gon' happen to you, and he did nothing. I think it was a setup. He did nothing."

Boosie Badazz
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According to Boosie, DJs have regularly given similar shoutouts while on microphones at nightclub, so DaBaby should not have been targeted. 

"I feel like they really bullied him. That's what I felt like they did," said Boosie. "We say sh*t when we turning up the crowd. That's all a part of your performance. I feel like they bullied him." Watch Boosie explain his position below.