It's a tough day for Boosie Badazz. The 39-year-old shared with his Twitter followers earlier today that his grandfather has passed away on the day after Christmas, leaving the rapper and his other remaining family to mourn their loss.

"JUST LOST MY GRANDPA. LOVE [YOU] OG WITH ALL MY HEART," he wrote this morning. "GRANNY N GRANDPA [IN TWO] MONTHS #f*cktheworld" he added, expressing his obvious grief at having lost two people so close to him.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

After breaking the news to Twitter, hundreds of fans flocked in with words of support for the Baton Rouge-born recording artist. "Poke your chest, stick your head up, and handle it. Through every night there's a brighter day after that," one user wrote in the replies.

"Damn sorry to hear that bro! God bless you and your family, Boosie. LOVE BROTHA," and "sorry for your losses my dude. They in a better place. But I know it sucks. Prayers to you and your family."

Earlier this month, Boozie made headlines when he was (once again) banned from Instagram. "WOKE UP TO MY IG GONE AGAIN LOL I THINK THEY THINK ABOUT BOOSIE EVERY TIME THEY EAT BREAKFAST #LOL DID HE PUT SOMETHING N MY KIDS CEREAL? IS THOSE BLACK GUYS APPROACHING US THE BOOSIE MAN fear) ? I HOPE THEY DONT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT BOOSIE N THIS INTERVIEW #scarynracis," he posted after realizing his page had been taken down.

The reason for his ban has to do with his controversial Instagram Live streams, during which he had women reportedly flaunting their bare breasts and other body parts, which goes against the platform's community guidelines.

RIP to Boosie's grandpa. Be sure to keep the rapper and his family in your thoughts during this difficult time.