Graphic content warning: This article contains a video showing Boosie Badazz' shooting scars, which is very graphic. 

Boosie Badazz has been recovering for weeks after his shooting in mid-November. The rapper has gone through two surgeries, claiming that he requires a third in order to heal properly. Thankfully, he does not need to have his leg amputated, as several sources incorrectly suggested earlier on. 

The rapper recently had a check-up with the doctor to see if his leg was healing properly, which is important because Boosie also has diabetes, which could seriously slow down the recovery process. He decided to be as transparent as possible with his supporters, telling them that they could subscribe to his OnlyFans page for photos, videos, and more updates on his shooting and recovery. 

The Shade Room managed to get a look at the type of content Boosie is sharing, and it's gruesome and graphic as hell. In one video, he films his leg, which has deep scars and staples from his surgery, showing where the bullet hit him. He goes on to show himself laying on his Versace bed, resting his leg and turning the camera on his family members, the "get well soon" balloons surrounding him, his wheelchair, and more.

Please don't watch the video below if you're triggered by graphic content, including shooting wounds, or surgery scars. 

Get well soon, Boosie. Send him some love.