After reports surfaced earlier today (August 7th) that Boosie Badazz was planning on paying a prostitute to give his 14-year-old son oral sex for his birthday, the rapper has come clean about what's really going on.

The rapper shared his thoughts with TMZ and admitted that he was "just clowning" on social media and isn't actually planning on giving his son such an outlandish gift for turning a year older. However, it's not necessarily because Boosie looks down on receiving such pleasures. According to him, if his son wants to pursue such activity with a girl, then he's "cool with it." Apparently, Boosie's male offspring aren't in need of help in that department.

While there might not be any paid-for fellatio in Boosie's son's immediate future, the kidding around has certainly raised some questions, not only about the legal ramifications that such an arrangement could bring on, but also about Boosie's approach to this kind of subject matter with his son. He definitely has no misconceptions about teens and their libidos, but did he cross a line?

In any event, it's nice to see Boosie in the laughing and joking mood so soon after he was the victim of bank fraud a few weeks ago.