Boosie Badazz's constant antics on social media have been missed. Violating Instagram's guidelines more times than anybody could count by hosting nudity-filled live sessions, the legendary rapper is putting out a last-ditch effort to get his page back after being banned.

Following his memeable video begging Mark "Zuckinburger" to grant him access to his account, Boosie is back and, this time, he's coming with an offer that many of us would not be able to refuse.

"@zuck I got a 100k for my OfficialBoosieig page BACK," wrote the Baton Rouge native on Twitter.

First things first, he wasn't even tagging the right account so the chances that Zuckerberg even sees this post are slim to none. Secondly, Zuck is a literal billionaire. While $100,000 would be nice for the average man, Zuck probably isn't going to bite at this given his net worth. That's basically pocket change for him.

Still, it would be nice for Boosie to get his social media back to full strength. Initially, he complained that, with the pandemic, he was making income from the app, promoting local businesses and more to get a small bag. With his account banned, a chunk of his money has been cut.

The only way this may be repaired is if, somehow, Boosie gets on a call with Zuck (I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation) and promises not to violate IG's guidelines so blatantly next time.

Do you think he'll get his page back?