During their respective careers, Boosie Badazz and Webbie have made some great music together, amassing a fair collection of hits to their name. Unfortunately, the pair found their creative partnership souring along the way, to the point where a full-blown falling out drove the once-mighty team apart. At the beginning of the year, Boosie acknowledged his relationship with Webbie during a VLAD TV interview, prompting Webbie to chime in with a response of his own. Though no fighting words were exchanged, it was clear that neither seemed particularly interested in a reconciliation.

Boosie Badazz Webbie

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

And yet that's exactly what many fans have been clamoring for. Seeing as Boosie has been known to frequently engage with his followers on Instagram Live, it stands to reason that he'd be privy to all matter of opinions and takes. As it happens, the topic of Webbie is a recurring favorite, getting to the point where Boosie felt compelled to put all such queries to a swift and decisive end. 

"Don't ask me about no Webbie," declares a stone-faced Boosie. "Do you see me with fuckin' Webbie? Do you see me hanging with Webbie? Well don't ask me about no fuckin' Webbie." Pretty clear-cut, as we see it, though it's unlikely that even a Boosie scorned can stymie such unapologetic curiosity. At this point, it seems like a wise choice to simply let both parties live their respective lives -- should they indeed desire to break bread once again, let it be on their own terms.