Though nobody is doubting that Boosie Badazz lives up to his name, it seems as if some people remain hellbent on testing the beloved rapper. According to a report from TMZ, Boosie recently found himself on the receiving end of a break-in, which found thieves making off with a $50,000 necklace and several of his rings. Apparently, the snatch and grab went down yesterday when Boosie was dining at Atlanta's Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, his Bentley parked outside and unguarded. It was then a man smashed a window and set off the alarm, according to reports from rapper slash witness Brian "B-Will" Wilcott.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

According to the report, B-Will pursued the thief, who managed to escape with the help of a getaway driver. TMZ details the police report, which specifies that Boosie's "Bossman" ring (as pictured above)as was among the items stolen, as well as several other pieces of diamond-encrusted jewelry. Naturally, Boosie was good and livid, taking to Instagram to challenge the thieves slash vent his frustration. "Be a gangsta and drop your location about that ring, ol' bitch-ass n***a," he warns. "Be a gangsta and send your hood. How you gon' sell that, you can't do nothing but put it on, bitch?"

Given the Bossman ring's recognizable design, Boosie may very well have a point. How might one pawn off something so distinct, all while doing so discreetly with an incensed Boosie on the prowl? Perhaps the thieves truly knew not what they were getting themselves into. Given that police, not to mention the man himself, are continuing to look into this one, it's likely they'll soon find out.