Boosie Badazz is definitely a character. The man can be absolutely hilarious at times and at others, he's downright terrifying. Back in July, Boosie's baby mama accused him of having her brother killed and in a recent Instagram Live session, he doesn't exactly deny the fact. He's actually pretty much embracing the allegations and making it even clearer that he may have had a hand in his murder.

Earlier today, we reported on a lawsuit that Boosie is preparing against a security guard and he's also announced that he's dropping a blues album soon. However, the current news surrounding the artist is of a video he filmed of himself seemingly bragging about taking another man's life. Boosie has previously explained that the allegations made by his baby mama have to do with money, telling interviewers that the possibility of getting paid out is enticing to her considering she is living "in poverty." Boosie was acquitted in the murder case but he now seems to be embracing his alleged role in the man's killing.

"Couple years later I caught a murder charge, for my baby mama's brother. Fuck him. Rest in peace," rapped Boosie before blurting out, "B-tch lay down. Talk from the grave, b-tch ass n---a. I can't hear you! You're too far down." The rapper was bragging for a few minutes on the live stream, which has been reposted by VladTV

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.