Boosie Badazz has definitely had an eventful week so far. 

On Monday (August 7th), he made a joke about potentially paying a prostitute to give his son oral sex for his birthday. With his son being underage, many on social media were shocked and outraged by even the thought of this coming to pass, not to mention the possible legal blowback Boosie would've had to deal with. The rapper later told TMZ that he was just clowning and that he was never actually going to follow through on that statement, but the haters have continued to slide into his DM's with abrasive comments. Now, Boosie has taken a stand on his Instagram account.

The rapper shared a long bit of text in the caption section of a photo of a shirt that says "Super Dad" across its chest, explaining how he's not actually a poor father. "I'm there for my kid," he saoid. "If you don't think kids r sexually active at 14 you better wake up it's 2017 [...] I have a relationship where I can talk to my teenage kids about anything. Most of you women in my Dm who r coming for me never had a father figure in your life, never had a bond with your dad or just don't want to face reality that it's 2017 n kids r sexually active at that age. Its up to us as parents to have sit downs with our teenagers to learn what they r going through in all aspects of there life." He added later on that "most of you men coming at me don't do s**t for your kids [...] I could have put them on a plane [and] got someone to drop them off to Louisiana. Instead I'm in a sprinter right now driving them to Louisiana having fun with them on our last day together for a couple months."

Check out his full Instagram post below.