There are a few hip hop artists who believe that, in some cases, rap beefs are good for the culture. As long as artists keep things on wax and don't get themselves into trouble off the mic, a rap beef can churn out diss records that go down in hip hop history. However, when tempers are flaring and insults are being thrown, it's impossible for some artists to not take things personally. We watched as rappers have gotten into physical altercations and even died as the result of beefs gone bad, and Boosie Badazz believes that fans are partially to blame for the fallout.

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

"This social media sh*t, that done affected the world so much 'cause you know, it done f*cked up a lot of people when it turnt up with beef because people ain't really gotta hate you or want [to] do nothin'," the Louisiana rapper said. "They'll just start a beef with you on social media. Only thing, from Baton Rouge, them beefs be real life. A lotta rappers start beef just to get clout and people die for chasin' clout."

"If I had it, I'd have everybody... If I was the president of the rap game, I'd have everybody in the rap game mothaf*ckin' cool with each other," the rapper added. "It wouldn't be no f*ckin' beef. If you promoted beef, yo ass would be put out the f*ckin' league," he said with a laugh. "Nothin' comes good from it. One win, one lose. One died. The whole family hurt. While y'all start lovin' another rapper, the beef that y'all just instigated to the whole f*ckin' world that got him killed, his family gon' hurt for that forever. But now you goin' to another rapper. It's that easy."

Angrily, he said that the fans need to stop hyping artists to go at one another because once it ends in tragedy, they're sad for a moment and then just move on. Instead, fans should tell rappers to calm down and focus on their music. "When they die, everyone's sad," Boosie said. "You wasn't said when you said, 'I can't wait 'til yo verse. When you gon' drop the f*ckin' verse.' People f*ckin' messy." Watch below.