Following the announcement that By Us For Us and HotNewHipHop were teaming up for a full-fledged Boosie Badazz reality TV show called Badazz Boosie, one thing has become abundantly clear: antics are coming. In full force, at that.

Never one to pull punches or hold his tongue in the name of decorum, the amusing yet rough-around-the-edges Louisiana rapper seems like he has been waiting his entire life for this moment. And lord knows he's already been hamming it up for the cameras. Whether he's shooting a family-choreographed shot at Rihanna or trying his hand at securing a basketball scholarship, Boosie's recent demeanor has been brimming with joie de vivre. 

Boosie Badazz

Unable to contain his excitement, Boosie decided to express himself through some garage athletics. Gearing up to land a scintillating dunk, Boosie throws double-dribble etiquette out the window and soars headlong for the net. Unfortunately, his valiant attempt falls flat -- not only does the ball miss, but his exuberance also sends the entire net careening to the ground.

At the very least, the struggle dunk proved entertaining for a variety of rappers, many of whom slid into his comments with the guffaws. 21 Savage, YFN Lucci, Ty Dolla $ign, Stunna 4 Vegas, Yungeen Ace and more had a laugh at his expense, a testament to Boosie's supportive circle of friends -- though it's unlikely any of them will be selecting him at the next pickup game. We can only assume that he'll bring a similar energy to Badazz Boosie -- be sure to check out the trailer right here.