He's never been shy about sharing his thoughts about Rap and Pop Culture, and now Boosie Badazz is weighing on Donald Trump's recent presidential pardons—aside from his criticisms about C-Murder not being included. We've reported on the last-minute pardons bestowed by the former president during his last day in office, and while Lil Wayne has received criticism for posing in photos with Trump at the time of the presidential election, Boosie now sees why Weezy made the moves he did.

"We thought he was getting jumped like checkers and he was playing chess the whole time," Boosie told VladTV. "Wayne. That lil' motherf*cka smart." Vlad asked if Boosie would have made the same move and the rapper quickly said yes. "For not going to jail? Hell yeah... You'd have to be a stupid motherf*cka. Two to eight years of living like this to take a picture with him."

They then turned their attention to Kodak Black, who also received a presidential pardon from Trump. Boosie said that he's cool with the Florida rapper but they don't communicate, before he and Vlad moved on to discussing Michael "Harry-O" Harris, the co-founder of Death Row Records who was also pardoned after serving 30 years behind bars.

"That's the n*gga that gave Suge [Knight] the money, right?" asked Boosie. "Didn't the n*gga try to sh*t on J. Prince?... I ain't for sure, but I think that n*gga got down on old man." Vlad brought up that there were rumors that Harris claimed he owned a portion of Rap-A-Lot Records, J. Prince's label. Boosie still seemed unsure of what the gossip was, but he remembered hearing something negative and he wasn't in support of anyone who crossed Prince.

"That's my OG." Watch the clip of Boosie on VladTV below.