Boosie Badazz has children at a tender enough age for hired entertainers to enter the picture on a regular basis. At the onset of the holiday stretch, Boosie had big plans for his family get-together, to the extent that he planned a leisure suit, with a hired magician at the center of it all - and no ordinary magician by the looks of it. 

The magician started things off at a tepid pace, conjuring up a routine of card tricks, bill switches, and a few rope-pulling illusions before moving on to more enticing agenda. As you can see in the video above, Boosie's hired help converted a live-dove into a box of Popeye's chicken, first by placing the bird into a cage, but not without a little engagement from Boosie's family circle.

After mounting the cage apparatus, the magician asks, "Should I do it?" as the crowd lay confused. After eliciting a mild uproar from the crowd, the magician, standing within an earshot of Boosie Badazz right up close personal, ignites the cage into flames, dove included, like an incendiary device. The magician then lifts the cage apparatus like a dinner tray to produce a box of Popeye's chicken, while teetering on the edge of the dove's finicky existence.