A comment made by Lil Nas X during his recent visit to The Breakfast Club has caused Boosie Badazz to consider the Montero artist a bully. Boosie has long been criticized for antagonizing Lil Nas X with homophobic remarks, but Nas X has turned the tables with his trolling. Even after Boosie jumped online to tell the 22-year-old to kill himself, Lil Nas X took the comment in stride and later stated that he found the back and forth with Boosie to be boring.

While on The Breakfast Club in September, Lil Nas X was asked if he feels the need to tone things down because people incessantly tell him he needs to consider the children. “I feel like I used to, but now it’s just, like, so? Like, f*ck your kids.”

Lil Nas X
Joe Scarnici / Stringer / Getty Images

He quickly followed up with an explanation. “We really get one chance to do this, at least to my knowledge," he said. "I don’t know what, like, happens when we die or whatnot. So, it’s like, I’m not about to pander to your kids or you, or, like, anybody.” In an interview with VladTV, Boosie was asked if he would have felt bad if after he told Lil Nas X to take his own life, the singer actually followed through.

"I probably would, but I probably wouldn't give too much f*cks about him," said Boosie. "He said f*ck my kids. He said f*ck all y'all kids. So, everybody that's really chestin' up for Nas, he said f*ck yo kids. That' why I be like—he said f*ck yo kids, so, it's another thing with, you know, the bullying sh*t. It's the bullying sh*t."

"He can say 'f*ck yo kids' but if I came on there and say 'f*ck all y'all kids'—he say 'f*ck yo kids.' So anybody chestin' up for Nas, it's f*ck yo children. That's how I feel about the other people because he asked him, he said, 'F*ck the kids.' I wouldn't give a f*ck what happened to somebody that say f*ck y kids. I'mma keep it real. And that's me."

Watch Boosie's clip with VladTV and Lil Nas X's interview with The Breakfast Club below.