Boosie Badazz is now accusing the cops of stealing over $1 million dollar of jewelry from him after his incident yesterday where a security guard booted him and his family from a Mississippi mall and even blasted them with pepper spray in the process (see here ICYMI).

After telling his side of the story of the incident on Instagram this evening, Boosie says the jewelry was stolen when his van got pulled over after leaving the mall, and police arrested some of his entourage. However, he says cops are denying they have any of his belongings, and Boosie's pissed and declaring "it's on" now.

“Dis shit big now. Cops are trying to steal a million dollar worth of jewelry. Cause security got caught outside.” Boosie says. “I'm a fight for mine. It’s on. It’s on. You don't know who you’re fuckin’ with, it’s on. It’s on.” he repeated.

Check out Boosie’s accusation & statement below via IG. We’ll be sure to keep you posted moving forward. (Included below is footage of Boosie showing off his million dollar jewelry from the other day as well)

Facts 👌 hashtag #nobiloxinomore #nobiloxinomore

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Biloxi police has stolen a million dollars in jewelry from me we going protest soon follow my ig for times n dates I need my fans to support this injustice.This is 1968 all over again they trying to take my my jewelry from me this is crazy.When I see my Po Friday I'm asking permission to go to the steps of the Biloxi court with my fans,n lawyers n hold a press conference about this million dollar theft that has been committed.Im sick of the police ,the banks stealing my hard earned money I'm just tired I'm tired 💰💰like wtf / I'm bout to make so many hate songs about the cops /they get away with everything I'm headed to the studio n speak my fucking mind I'm releasing it to all bogs 12 noon tomorrow 👍freedom of speech repost n put Biloxi police you owe us millions as the caption/Don't go to there casinos r anything they have there this will happen to anyone successful hashtag #nobiloxinomore #nobiloximore don't go Biloxi all Boosie fans hashtag nobiloxinomore

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