Boosie Badazz is known to have quite a controversial presence on social media, which has resulted in the constant suspension of his main Instagram account over the years. He revealed in a video interview with VladTV that he asked Tallahassee R&B singer T-Pain for help, asking to speak directly with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, in getting back access to his account.

After he was kicked off his main Instagram account in late March for posting a behind-the-scenes clip of a music video he was filming with Charlotte rapper DaBaby, Boosie took to Twitter with choice words for the Facebook CEO.

Prior to the March suspension, in which he openly called for someone who would be willing to take a punch to the face for money, he was last suspended from Instagram in August. The video of the smack earned the participant the agreed-upon amount for the blow, and he was tipped by DaBaby for partaking in it. The clip ended up being a stunt to promote Boosie and Dababy's "Period" single, but Instagram found the video too alarming and violent to keep on its platform, promptly removing it and suspending his main account again.

In the video interview, Boosie talks about the music video incident and the ensuing consequences that affected his social media presence. He said he saw T-Pain go on Instagram Live with Zuckerberg following the viral moment that spurred when he shared a video of his unanswered DMs from over the years on the app. You can check out the video interview below. 

You can keep up with Boosie's hijinks at his current secondary Instagram account, @hesbackagain2021.