Yesterday, news circulated that our good homie Boogiehad officially inked a deal with Interscope-- only the label that houses soon-to-be rap legends like Kendrick Lamar, as well as veritable-legends like Dr. Dre and Eminem. It's safe to say, it's an exciting move for the West Coast rapper on the rise.

The Compton native released a mixtape earlier in the summer, The Reach, which housed the single "Oh My." It was apparently this banger of a single that put the final nail in the coffin when it came to solidifying his deal with Interscope. 

Speaking via the phone earlier this afternoon, Boogie told HNHH exclusively, "So couple months after ["Bitter Raps"] this dude from Interscope reached out. So they were the very first label to believe in me early, so it was just a building process from jump. We knew we weren't ready to make a decision at the time. After Thirst 48 slowly but surely other labels came, it was a lot of great opportunities." He continued, "After we dropped "Oh My" conversations got a little deeper. I was still super comfortable with Interscope just cause I felt they believed from jump and understood what I was tryna do."

When asked what else attracted Boogie to Interscope (Atlantic was among a handful of other labels that also approached Boogie), he replied, "It was a couple of things, like situation-wise, the fact that they in L.A. and I'm out here. I'd be lying if I say the fact that Kendrick was there didn't help it, Dr. Dre, a lot of people I look up too over there."

The rapper tells us the deal was finalized about three to four weeks ago, and obviously the first move was to put "Oh My" up on iTunes. 

As for the possibility of connecting with Dr. Dre through Interscope, Boogie says, "Of course, I wouldn't turn it down, it's Dr. Dre, but I'm honestly just focused, I got my team with me already, so I'm not gunna try to change up nothing or force nothing, but for sure, if that Dr. Dre opportunity comes I'm with it. But it wasn't talked about."

Congrats again!