Whether or not you're down with the Lil Pump movement, it's hard to deny that the Gnealz & Big Head instrumental for "Gucci Gang" goes hard as hell. And while the original track is more about swagger than it is about lyricism, Compton's Boogie has given fans an alternate take on the track, courtesy of the L.A. Leakers. The rapper, who was recently signed to Eminem's Shady Records last month, swung by Power 106 to chop it up with the L.A. Leakers, and bless us with a lyrical onslaught you'd never receive from the track's original author. On that note, the rapper goes in for three minutes straight, delivering some of that West coast fire upon us.

"My weed man still got nix though, he forever saying that his phone tapped," raps Boogie. "Since pro club been tryin' to go pro, I'm in another league call it pro black, now it's four blacks in this hotbox, with these cold hearts we like four straps, finna go back to the other side you on borrowed time n***a hold that, the homies still got these Twitter quotes, I say your trippin really bro stop it, this the land of the fake woke bein' false gods get you know profit." 

Damn. Boogie continues where he left off, mastefully blending self deprecating humor with some deeper content. "I ain't sayin' that I'm so poppin', I ain't gotta state the obvious, I got curved by like three singers man it's really fuckin' with my confidence, you know I’m still up on that Compton shit, where we know gang signs fuck with birth sign, I heard these demons that I can’t see, I need a LASIK surgeon for my third eye, this the worst time but let me surge by and power up.”

Check out Boogie's first Shady Records radio freestyle below, and enjoy one of the next up.