Yesterday (May 5), Bone Thugs N Harmony reached a milestone in releasing their eighth studio album Uni-5: The World’s Enemy, the first to feature the full 5-man lineup since 2000. 
As the group continues touring and promoting the project, the group still occasionally finds itself at odds with member Bizzy Bone.
On their recent promotional tour last month, the group had to contend with Bizzy Bone opting to miss several tour dates over rumored monetary issues, despite the tagline for the new album being the Cleveland collective was again a unified front.
Bone released 3 singles (“See Me Shine,” “Rebirth,” and “Meet Me in the Sky”) preceding the May 4 release. 
While all 5 members are present on nearly every song, questions persist if they’ve been able to maintain chemistry on the road with Bizzy jumping in and out of the lineup.
According to Layzie Bone, after close to 20 years together the issue is a non-factor in their live performances.
“It doesn’t really bother us because we’re family,” he explained. “We’ve been doing this together forever. It can be any one of us that has different circumstances. Bone Thugs N Harmony has a revolving door. We might fall out and have discrepancies, but all and all we show unity and work it out. So at the end of the day what you’ll see is brotherhood.”
Uni-5 boasts 11 full songs, but the group revealed they recorded hundreds of songs for the project and have 2 full additional albums set to drop.
“Oh man that’s an understatement!” Krayzie Bone exclaimed. “All the songs that didn’t make this album, we got at least 2 more albums. And we’re starting a special edition of our mixtape series. Everyone heard the first one. You’ll hear everything that we didn’t put out on Special Delivery Part 2.”
“And not to mention the s**t we got with Swizz [Beatz],” Flesh added, speaking on the material recorded while the group was under Swizz’s Full Surface label.
Bone Thugs N Harmony’s Uni-5: The World’s Enemy is available now.