Boldy James is probably a rapper you're still sleeping on, so in an effort to wake you up, we featured the Detroit native in our first video episode of On The Come Up. Boldy stopped by the office while he was doing a press run in New York and gave us the scoop on everything you should know about this ConCreature.

Starting out by detailing his youth in Detroit, where he lived on the East Side with his mom and sisters in a "two-family flat," Boldy soon brought us up to speed with his present day rap career: a co-sign from Nas that led to a deal with Mass Appeal, plus a new mixtape on the way, Trapper's Alley 2. The firstTrapper's Alley, which was also Boldy's debut, was highly underrated at the time of its release, but there will definitely be more eyes on Boldy this time around. 

When discussing Trapper's Alley 2, King James revealed a release date for it, as well as features.  "I got some heavy hittas on Trapper's Alley 2. I got of course the big homie Nas, Kevin Gates, Snootie Wild Mr. All I Know Is Yayo, Prodigy, the list goes on," Boldy tells us. "I got a bunch of records, I got a general idea of the body of work I'm tryna put out, but it's a couple of new records I been cooking that bumping some shit off the list. This one got more of a purpose and more of a focus [than Trapper's Alley]."

Finally, a release date: "Trapper's Alley 2 coming February 27, 2015, top of next year, be lookin' out." You heard the man.

Watch the full On The Come Up video below.