Boldy James has officially joined the Griselda family, and it didn't take long for him to adopt the same prolific work ethic as his newfound labelmates. Following the impeccably designed and entirely Alchemist-produced The Price Of Tea In China, which remains one of the year's most slept on drops by the way, Boldy has officially come through to announce his proper Griselda debut The Versace Tape. 

Set to arrive on August 14th, Boldy's Versace Tape will find him linking up with producer Jay Versace, with additional guest appearances from El Camino, Keisha Plum, Westside Gunn, and Tiona Deniece. Speaking on his partnership with Griselda, Boldy praised the deal in an official press release, breaking down why it's such a good fit.

"It means the world to finally meet some street ni***s and emcees who I rock with on a personal and a business level," he explains. "I’m cool, but I’m not a friendly n***a, so if there is not a mutual respect between me and other artists I keep my distance. I got a violent history with drugs and gun violence in my past life that I left behind, so it’s just good to know I got some real solid n***s in my corner to create and build with behind the scenes life and in my creative work space." 

Check out the full tracklist for The Versace Tape, which will be produced in entirety by Jay Versace and Executive produced by Westside Gunn. Also, look for the onslaught to continue with Westside Gunn's Shady Records debut Who Made The Sunshine on August 28th, and Conway's From King To A God on September 11th. Are you excited to peep that new Boldy James?

1.) “Pony Down” (Intro)
2.) “Maria”
3.) “Nu Wave”
4.) “Cartier” feat. El Camino
5.) “Brick Van Exel”
6.) “Long Live Julio”
7.) “Monte Cristo”
8.) “Cardinal Sin”
9.) “Bentayga”
10.) “Roxycontin” feat. Westside Gunn, Keisha Plum & Tiona Deniece