Joyner Lucas has emerged as one of the game's promising lyricists. As such, his upcoming project ADHD continues to build momentum, though we have yet to receive an official release date. Still, producer Boi-1da, who has been working closely with Lucas as a mentor of sorts, promises that the project is well underway. 

Speaking with XXL, 1da expresses excitement over Lucas' new album. “He has a lot of records that are standout songs. He’s really doing things that no other artist—especially in hip-hop—is doing right now," teases 1da. "He’s touching on certain topics. I think it’s going to be a moment.” Lucas has occasionally dipped his toe, nay, his foot into the social-commentary pool; songs like "I'm Not Racist" and "Frozen" have touched on issues like racism and drunk driving, respectively.

Image via HNHH

“Not only the fact that he’s one of the best lyricists and storytellers I’ve ever heard, but also his creativity and his ideas were just way outside of the box,” continues the producer. “He’s not your conventional artist.” Clearly, Boi-1da thinks highly of his collaborator, a notion echoed by legendary rapper Eminem. We've already heard that Em and Joyner have a track on ADHD, which promises to be a storytelling clinic cut from "Stan's" cloth. 

From the sound of it, Joyner Lucas is shaping up something his fans will truly come to cherish. With co-signs from such esteemed figures as Boi-1da and Eminem, the board is set for one of the game's promising new artists to truly shine. Hopefully, we can receive a closer look at ADHD in the time to come.