Earlier this week, Norm Oosterbroek, bodyguard to Jay Z, Beyonce, and many other celebrities, was reportedly killed after being tasered by police.

According to Miami New Times, police responded to reports Monday night (September 2nd) that a man allegedly trespassed onto someone's mansion property in Pinecrest, Florida and was harassing the residents.

When the cops arrived to the house, Norm was naked, fighting with a neighbor, and was seen "ingesting an unknown substance". After Oosterbroek violently resisted when cops attempted to intervene, they used tasers on him. He died soon after while on his way to the Baptist hospital in Miami.

Earlier in his career, Oosterbroek used to be a personal bodyguard for Nelson Mandela, before he started his own agency RAD Security. Over time, Oosterbroek served as a very important bodyguard to Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West and many more celebrities.

He was 43 years young.

[UPDATE: Bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek Was Reportedly Fired By Beyonce & Jay Z Prior To His Death]

As we reported in September, one of the more famed bodyguard (because of the fact that he was a bodyguard to the famous), Norman Oosterbroek, died after a very strange incident where he intruded into a neighbor's house, sniffed a white substance presumed to be drugs, and was tasered by the cops, which resulted in his death.

Now reports are surfacing that the bodyguard in question was actually fired by Beyonce and Jay Z earlier this year, after the two caught Norm in some weird behavior.

New York Daily News reports that Oosterbroek's life started to fall apart quite quickly after he lost his job with the power couple. Bey and Jay had apparently found out that Oosterbroek hired a prostitute while he was on duty for them in Las Vegas. To make matters worse, there was reportedly also video footage and photographic evidence of Norm doing lewd things with the family's passports, alongside the prostitute.

A source says that the story was first uncovered by a major print publication last year, who went to Beyonce and Jay Z for a comment, and ended up making a deal with the two in order to ensure the story would not surface. The source told Daily News, "Beyoncé and Jay Z were furious when they found out. They trusted Norman with their lives and then he went and did some pretty freaky things, and on video with a hooker. They were outraged."

The reports say that once the Carters found out about Oosterboek's behavior they let him go, fearing for the safety of Blue Ivy. Sources say that after the bodyguard lost his job, he suffered from depression and was using drugs.