Bobby V was the victim of a carjacking incident which had him at gunpoint in Atlanta on Tuesday night (Jan. 22nd). One of the suspects has already been arrested.

The R&B singer had parked his 2013 red Bentley oustide the Hot Beats Recording Studio, when he was approached by two men with guns. According to the police, Bobby V gave up his car with no fight and the robbers were off with his Bentley. He and another man were witnesses in identifying the robbers which lead to the arrest of the one man.    

Bobby took to his twitter account earlier today to talk about the horrific incident and had this to say: “GOD saved me last night.. Thank u Lord life is so precious&we take it 4 granted!! Everything u wanna do, DO IT!pray&be thankful 4 wht u hav!” 

Coincidentally, an off-duty officer heard the robbery over the police radio and found Bobby's Bentley abandoned near the MARTA transportation station. The police are still looking for the second suspect.