It appears Bobby Shmurda could be getting out sooner than we originally we expected. Earlier in the week, the GS9 rapper, who’s real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard, appeared in court for his alleged attempt in sneaking a shank into Rikers Island. While he could face up to seven years for his murder conspiracy case, prosecutors have reportedly offered a plea deal that could significantly reduce his sentence.

According to TMZ, Bobby’s attorney, Alex Spiro, is urging him to plead guilty to "attempted promoting prison contraband." If he accepts, Shmurda will get one to four years in prison, which will run concurrently.

No one knows if Shmurda will take the plea deal, but he’s got to make that decision before his January 7th hearing. TMZ reports that fans & friends are pushing to take the deal, which would probably be the smartest thing to do. What do you think Bobby should do?