A few years ago, Bobby Shmurda had one of the hottest songs on the streets. Some days, we still wonder exactly where his hat landed after he threw it in the air during the "Hot N***a" video. Unfortunately, the rapper never had a chance to capitalize off his success as he released his follow-up single "Bobby B*tch" and the Shmurda She Wrote project before heading off to jail with many other GS9 members. Some of the group members have been freed, like Fetty Luciano who we interviewed recently, but Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda remain locked up. Earlier this year, Bobby confirmed that he was scheduled to come home in 2020 but his mother appears to have just made the timeline a lot more clear.

According to Momma Shmurda, her son will be free by November 2020, posting on Instagram that in 25 months she'll finally be able to be with her boy again. Bobby and Rowdy's sentences are incredibly similar so we expect his GS9 partner to be out around the same time. 

Bobby's mother, Leslie Pollard, has been a major factor in developing the careers of several GS9 members. She's previously spoken about her son's well-being and spirit as he remains locked up since 2014. According to Complex, his next parole hearing is set to take place in August 2020. Perhaps we'll be getting some good news then.