Friday was an incredibly active day on Instagram, especially with 6ix9ine's return. The rapper released his first song and video since being released from prison titled, "GOOBA" then went on Instagram Live where he went on a lengthy rant defending his decision to snitch, his new jewelry, his numbers, and you know, everything else that you'd expect 6ix9ine to say on his return.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Though many were focused on 6ix9ine's return, as well as his tangential short-lived feud with Meek Mill, one person that many people began to mention was Bobby Shmurda. Within hours, Shmurda's name began trending on Twitter as well as many of his fans and 6ix9ine detractors called for his freedom. 

On Bobby Shmurda's Instagram Page, a pair of videos from a performance prior to his incarceration were posted. As the rapper performed "Hot N***a" to an enthralled audience, he captioned the post, "THE COUNTDOWN ⏳FROM LEFT TO RIGHT WIT IT CROWD PARTICIPATION IS KEY."

Though he's set to have a parole hearing this August, he's expected to be released on Dec. 11, 2020. However, it appears that he'll be gracing the world with new music ahead of his release. In an interview earlier this year, Fivio Foreign revealed that Bobby Shmurda has a tape coming while he's locked up. There's yet to be any updates surrounding that but we're hoping that drops soon.