Bobby Shmurda has just begun to rev up the new era of his career this fall, frequently dropping songs like early September's "No Time For Sleep (Freestyle)" and "Splash," released on Nov. 5. All of these releases are presumed promotional singles for his upcoming album, which he told his fans was in the mixing and mastering stage in October.

In the midst of this effort, it seems like Bobby has been having himself some fun too. Videos of him twerking and dancing excitedly evoked strong fans reactions recently. But, Bobby seems more concerned about another aspect of his post-prison life.

On Sunday (Nov. 28), Shmurda tweeted about his sex addiction, candidly saying he needs therapy soon: "I need sexx therapy #Baddd I need to be stopped lol frfr tho on the set."

This tweet came only three days after he had said he wanted to make a raunchy strip club hit with Adele, because her voice made him excited: "You Know what the world needs …. #BobbyShmurda & #Adele to make a Strip Club Anthem."

Just last month, Bobby was giving his male fans pointers about how to improve their sex lives by not being "too stiff." 

Perhaps he took his own advice too seriously. While it is great to see Bobby loving life after spending so many years behind bars, it is also a good thing that he acknowledges the problem he has with his hyper-sexuality.

Does Bobby's tweet about needing sex therapy concern you?