Although Bobby Shmurda turned down a custom pair of blue paisley-printed Air Force 1s due to parole guidelines, the rapper has no problem putting on for his GS9 rap collective. The recently freed artist recently took to Instagram to show off an extravagant and dazzling new chain that honors GS9 Records, joining the ranks of artists such as Big Sean, 6ix9ine, Kodak Black, and several others who have some pretty crazy chains in their collections.

Months after Rowdy Rebel gifted him a glow-in-the-dark "SHMURDA" chain from Eric the Jeweler, Bobby Shmurda is back with an eye-catching new piece that was crafted by New York-based artisan Benny the Jeweler.  

Bobby's new piece features a massive iced-out GS9 emblem, and according to Benny the Jeweler, it boasts 30-pointer VVS diamonds on the emblem and 50-pointer VVS diamonds on the chain. 

In the video posted to Bobby Shmurda's Instagram, you can see the Brooklyn rapper teeming with excitement as he dances around while Benny introduces the piece and explains its luxury qualities. Once Benny puts the chain around Bobby's neck he even shivers, saying, "You get the chills, baby!"

For a better look at Bobby Shmurda's extravagant new GS9 chain, check out Benny the Jeweler's close-up shots below.