Bobby Shmurda may be still looking at a lengthy prison sentence after being denied bail for the second time earlier this month, but that’s not stopping his spirits from being high. On Friday, Hot 97’s Ebro Darden was able to get Bobby and his mother on the phone to clear up the rumors and allegations that’ve been going around about his recent bail situation.

Bobby says the problem is that he’s being required to pay all $2 million dollars of his bail even though most cases except 10%, which he says he has and has been trying to use. However, what Bobby clarified is that it wasn’t the bail that was denied earlier in October, but the petition to get the bail reduced. He then quickly added that the courts were trying to raise bail to $2.5 million last time he was there, but luckily that didn’t bite.

Later, Ebro squeezed in the question about his label situation with Epic Records & L.A. Reid, who’s been in the headlines this past week for comments made about not bailing out Shmurda. Bobby says he hasn’t heard from the label or L.A. Reid in a long time, but again his spirits seemed high.

Check out the full explanation of his bail situation below. Next trial date set for 2016.