Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel have been locked up since December of last year, and while we didn't heard anything from the two GS9 rappers for some time, they have been able to do a couple of interviews as of late.

Last week, Shmurda was actually able to call into the HOT 97 morning show, but after only a couple of minutes he was cut off. Bobby was able to continue his conversation with Ebro and the gang today, and it turns out, the problem had actually been on their end. 

Rowdy Rebel joined Shmurda on the phone this time around, and both seemed to be in considerably good spirits given their situation, and shared a few thoughts with the radio show. 

“Right now, we just need someone to have some confidence in us,” Rowdy said of the label's hesitance to offer bail. “We ain’t ready to run nowhere and fuck up their bail money.”

While it was rumored that Bobby's uncle may be able to put up some money for the rappers, Shmurda explained that he had cut ties with his former manager. “That n--ga not even my real uncle,” he said, laughing, “That n--ga a liar.”

As far as their next move, Bobby expressed interest in reaching out to 50 Cent and G-Unit for legal advice, to which Ebro seemed keen on making the connection.

Listen to the full interview below.