Bobby Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, passed away in the summer of 2015 after months in a medically-induced coma. At the time of her death, people were clamoring for answers as to why the 22 year old woman passed away, but none were available at the time of her death. Only now has a Florida judge permitted the medical examiner for the case to release his findings.

The autopsy showed that Bobby Kristina had multiple drugs in her system at the time of her death, including marijuana, alcohol, a cocaine byproduct, anti-anxiety medications and morphine. It’s possible, although not confirmed, that the morphine was a sign of heroin use.

Unfortunately the medical examiner’s office was unable to answer the biggest question of all: how did Bobby Kristina Brown end up in that bathtub? While the drugs in her system certainly make it possible she overdosed, more nefarious reasons have not been ruled out.

Brown’s father Bobby Brown was irate at the release of her daughter’s autopsy report, saying “for news affiliates to seek and obtain my daughter’s autopsy report, before anyone has been brought to justice for her death is mind-blowing to me. Please pray for my family.”