Since breaking through in 2010, B.o.B has kept himself busy to say the least. The Atlanta artist demonstrated his versatility on his debut album, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray and has continued to pump out projects since, releasing two more albums and a slew of mixtapes over the next 3 years. Despite putting out his No Genre 2 project earlier this year, the Bobby is not slowing down in any way, with a new tape dropping today and an album in the works. The rapper sat down with HNHH's Baker to talk about his new projects, as well as some controversial tweets he sent out in regards to Michael Brown, and the protests going on worldwide.

Speaking on his just-arrived New Black mixtape, Bobby Ray pointed back to his tweets criticizing Twitter activism. "What created it was I caught a lot of heat for some statements I made, and people started calling me 'New Black'. So I was like I'm just gonna take that and make it my own," he explained.

The rapper then expressed his appreciation for the efforts currently going on following Darren Wilson's grand jury decision. "I feel like people are really ready to learn -- people are waking up. People who might not have been hip to what's going on and how the world works. You look around your environment, your community and see it going a certain type of way, now people are like 'oh shit, damn'. It's real out here. We're really in the belly of the beast," he said, commending protesters worldwide. "At this point now that it has connected around the world. At this point, it's only gonna go up."

Later on, B.o.B revealed the direction of his upcoming fourth album, which he assures will be a return to the varied experimentation of his debut. "This album is more like The Adventures Of Bobby Ray, because it's more music[al]. My last two albums, I just wanted to be in the club. I wasn't trying to sell albums, I wasn't trying to do big pop records, I just wanted to be in the club. Once I got that out, I was like 'alright, I'm good," he said. "With this fourth album, I'm back to making eclectic music, genre-less music. I've been picking the guitar up a lot more. 

Watch the full interview below. Download the New Black mixtape here.