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B.o.B Says There's No Evidence Slave Trade Ever Happened

  Nov 02, 2017 10:07
B.o.B doesn't think slavery is in his DNA.

From flat Earth truther to slave trade conspiracy theorist? All in a day's work for rapper B.o.B, who stated via Instagram recently that there isn't enough credible evidence to prove that the slave trade ever existed in the United States.

Sharing an old-school video that calls into question the accuracy of historical maps gleaned from eras that passed us by centuries ago, B.o.B captioned the clip with the following: "They say slavery lasted 400 yrs... America is only 250 yrs old... You ever seen a slave ship ? They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can't find any slave ships." You can view the video in its entirety below.

As expected, those who showed up in the comments section weren't about the let the rapper make a statement like that and not hear some criticism for it. As one user put it, "they're are slaves ships at the Smithsonian African American Museum, National Museum of African American History and Culture. New Orleans just got approved for a project called the Slave Ship Museum and there's also the International Slave Museum in Liverpool, England [...] Google's your friend brah." Many more chimed in with similar sentiments, citing the fact that the bones of slaves who suffered through unspeakable horrors have been found, studied and preserved for the very reason of acknowledging that the slave trade was a real thing. If you're going by what his followers had to say after the fact, B.o.B was left holding a big L after this post.

This sort of controversial social media content shouldn't necessarily surprise those who have followed the rapper's career over the past year. Back in September, B.o.B started a GoFundMe campaign so that he could prove, once and for all, that the Earth is flat. Calling himself "Flat Earth Bob," he made a video message for his fans that said “I’m starting this GoFundMe because I would like to send one, if not multiple satellites as far into space as I can, or into orbit as I can, to find the curve. I’m looking for the curve.” At last look, his fundraising goal was $200,000.

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top comment
Whoopi Goldberg
- Nov 2, 2017

is this the new trend? you fall off, then these sites make you relevant again for outlandish remarks and behavior? because it's working and it's sad.

Question Answer
- Nov 5, 2017

What he trying to say is our people was already here.

Cam El Bey
- Nov 3, 2017

Islam 2 all Moors it's time 2 be again your selves there is no such thing as black people

John Holmes
- Nov 3, 2017

The First Slave Ship arrived to the America's in 1619 in Virginia... Next of all I visited Two Slave Castles In Ghana, West Africa 15 years. The African Slave Trade was REAL Folks. I'm not here to debate or argue about other Dark Peoples places of Origin as Far as us being Indigenous inhabitants in this Land first. This place people now called America or Amerikkka take your choice. But for me Ghana, West Africa IS THE ANSWER. You can stay right here if you so choose...

Carlin Woods
- Nov 3, 2017

this dud is making a mockery of the Moorish National & Divine Movement By Editing Videos By Stupid People... Morocco Had A Treaty With The US In 1787... people can folly if you don't know who you are... rappers down south were NEVER conscious all that shit comes from NYC... come get the truth from the Mecca of Consciousness

- Nov 3, 2017

bout to come Milly Rock cuz imma Hot Nigga Oooh. Real conscious... IM drowning

- Nov 3, 2017

These so-called Hebrew Israelites/Moorish-Americans/Hoteps/Pan-Afrikanists are as revisionists as the Nazis. They do an amazing job creating social chaos tricking black people into "empowerment" when they're actually becoming brainwashed racial supremacists denying even the reality itself, just like the nazis and their schizofrenic conspiracion theories. WE WUZ JEWZ, MOORZ, ROMANZ, VIKANGZ, CELTZ AND SHEIT NIGGUH

Farao Reey
- Nov 4, 2017

Hotep means peace.. there is no ideology called "hoteps." And conflating moor/Israelite bullshit with panAfricanism shows your massive ignorance of the history of panAfricanism.

- Nov 4, 2017

A different ramification of the same racial supremacy bullshit disguised as unity and cooperation. Every "pan" ideology is based on the "us vs them" dicotomy and it's doomed to fail, like Pangermanist Nazi Germany, United Arab Republic and any other attempt at any "panism".

- Nov 3, 2017

Don't they have a tour of a slave ship in like Baltimore

Eric Bolden
- Nov 2, 2017

He would say anything the white man want him saying as long as they paying him..

- Nov 2, 2017

this dude is mentally ill, he needs help. unfortunately for him the black community seems to dismiss mental issues and often the person is killed by cops or end up in the streets or hurting themselves to stop the voices and all the other weird shit they seem to think is being controlled around them.

Wtf is wrong with this dude. He shouldn’t even be in the news, his last relevant song was what, headband? Ffs

Michael Tyga
- Nov 2, 2017

That means in the next 3years no one would ever believe this retard ever existed.

Michael Tyga
- Nov 2, 2017

And I heard his ass was never a rapper.

Daniel Bey
- Nov 2, 2017

Frank burrell on facebook was the one showing the map how they switched it #mentalMagic

- Nov 2, 2017

ive seen a slave ship, lol. like a real slave shit B O B Been On A Brick.

- Nov 2, 2017

Is this nigga retarded ? Them boats could of been destroyed or converted to other boats it’s not a living organism in which in can be discovered lmao

- Nov 2, 2017

What is this man on?

He's right, you know

Sebi Taj
- Nov 2, 2017


- Nov 2, 2017

Who's bob

Black Sheep
- Nov 2, 2017

And there's very little evidence that he had a good career.

- Nov 2, 2017

If we see the moon in the morning do they not see the moon in China

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