B.o.B is getting back into the swing of things when it comes to hip-hop music, and he's been doing quite a few interviews. The rapper recently revealed the title of his upcoming third studio album, Underground Luxury, which he discussed while visiting The Breakfast Club on Power 105.

The rapper really crossed over to the pop side of things this past year, even doing songs with country singer Taylor Swift. While this undoubtedly expanded his fan-base and gave him that crossover appeal, he's also been criticized for it, and his general foray into pop-sounding music. Nonetheless, B.o.B says he is returning to his roots in Underground Luxury, and promises a hard project.

On his upcoming album and his mainstream appeal, Bobby Ray told Power 105, "A lot of people didn't get to see the full spectrum of what I do. So it's kinda like a re-introduction of my roots. My album coming out this summer, Underground Luxury, is really telling the story from...I grew up with very humble beginnings."

The Hustle Gang rapper continued to discuss the LP, which he says may be his edgiest project yet. "Underground Luxury is definitely a lot edgier. Probably the most edgy of any project I've done. And I mean that on all levels from the cerebral tracks to the club tracks, to everything. The whole side of it, I'm just really being blunt with my thoughts I'm not holding anything back," B.o.B explained.

He also added that his rock album is still happening. "After this album I'm working on my rock project," the rapper said.

You can catch Bobby Ray's full interview with the crew below. He talks about Hustle Gang, Miguel's now-infamous leg drop, and the status of The Man & The Martian with T.I. (it sounds like the two got sidetracked with the Hustle Gang collaborative project, although it's still on the way).