B.o.B received a ton of press when he suggested that the Earth was flat several years ago. Despite decades of science proving otherwise, the rapper is convinced that the world is not actually round, attempting to prove that theory in 2015. The topic remains at large as conspiracy theorists worldwide argue why things are not as we believe. The Atlanta rapper brought the theory back to life on a recent episode of his podcast, titled The BoBCast, where he discussed what initially led him to make the claims, defending himself anew.

"I come across a fucking flat Earth video called Nasa's Hidden Secrets. So I clicked on the video, it's a video of Eric Dubay doing an interview and I was listening to it, like man, let me turn this shit off. I was finna turn this shit off I swear and then I was like, hold on let me see what he is talking about. And so I started listening to the video and I was like, Oh my god, let me do some research," said Bobby Ray on his podcast, speaking about why he even went down that rabbit hole.

His post about the curvature of the Earth came in early 2016 when he posted a photo of two cities that are several miles apart, asking where the curve is in the land. 

Listen to his comments below at the 21-minute mark.