After surviving his Bad Girls Club-styled boot camp, Chrisean Rock is still riding for Blueface. The rapper faced several other women for the opportunity to work as one of Blueface's artists and they've been carving out her space in the industry for months now. Chrisean is known for her carefree, and often unhinged personality, and recently, she shared with the world that she got Blueface's government name, Jonathan Porter, tattooed on the side of her face.

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Roger Kisby / Stringer / Getty Images

Face tattoos are all the rage these days and while Blueface may not have an issue with people getting tattoos in his honor, he said he told Chrisean not to get this ink done. After the clip of her in the tattooist's chair went viral, Blueface posted a video of his own where he films Chrisean and asks her about her latest stunt.

"Why'd you get that? Who told you to do that?" Blueface asks in the clip. Chrisean responds, "Me, myself, and I." The two go back and forth about the tattoo before Chrisean tells the rapper that she doesn't understand why it's a big deal. Blueface lets her know that he has to live with the consequences of it but admitted that he isn't too angry at her for getting the tattoo against his approval. Check out the clip below.