Blueface is truly an enigma in the rap game. He's one of those artists that is a little bit of an acquired taste but once you get past the unique thing that makes him who he is, you kind of develop an appreciation for it. With Blueface, it's the fact that he raps offbeat that had people scratching their heads at first. After giving some of his bigger songs a closer listen, like "Thotiana," "Next Big Thing," And "Bleed It," it's clear that Blueface has a knack for stringing together some pretty funny yet lyrical bars. I mean how can you not laugh at "mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch him slipping?"

Regardless, Blueface's newfound fame landed him an appearance on Everyday Struggle with Nadeska Alexis, Wayno and DJ Akademiks. The interview saw Blueface talking about his start in the rap game and how he developed his signature style.

Perhaps after the show though is where the real laughs came, as Akademiks attempted to learn Blueface's signature "Bust Down" dance that he typically does in all his music video. It all starts with blue face licking his index and pinky fingers, adjusting his eyebrows, and then holding his pants by the waist and thrusting his hips.

The dance is pretty ridiculous when you describe it like that, but watching Ak, who has been honest about his lack of rhythm, attempt it, was truly a sight to behold.

You can watch the two do the dance in the video below.