Taking time away from showing off his music, jewelry, groupies, or luxury cars, rapper Blueface gave fans a glimpse into his life as a father. The 22-year-old rapper shared a series of clips on his Instagram Story of himself and his son Javaughn having some family time. Blueface doesn't regularly share his son with the world but in these clips his little one relishes in the attention he received from his dad.

Wearing nothing but a diaper, Javaughn made his way around the room as Blueface teased him. "Boy, if you don't get you karate kid lookin' ass, yo' I put my carne asada lookin' ass...boy, if you don't get yo' Juanito lookin' ass, your Mexican with a rubber toe Roberto lookin' ass," he said while laughing. The toddler just went about minding his business before he got into his father's cabinets and discovered a few pairs of hidden shoes. Some people criticized the rapper, telling him his language was inappropriate and that the child needed his diaper changed.

Meanwhile, Blueface also recently announced that he has a few more limited edition Fashion Nova Men pieces as he's collaborated with the clothing giant once again. Check out Blueface and baby below.