Blueface is currently on a rise that can be compared to the likes of Tekashi 6ix9ine. Many accuse the Los Angeles rapper of being an industry plant and, while he hasn't confirmed or denied those reports, he's in the middle of a serious flourishing moment. His unique rapping style brought his music to the masses with songs like "Bleed It," "Thotiana" and more picking up major traction. Now, he's trying to keep his name buzzing and part of that involves even more Tekashi mimicking. 

During Sara Molina's recent Instagram live-stream, Blueface tuned in and turned into the biggest charmer. 6ix9ine's baby mother has been critical of the rainbow-haired rapper since he went to jail and Blueface appears to be trying to take his place. Sara asked the Cash Money West artist how he ended up "stumbling" upon her live session, to which he responded that she's trending big. After Molina confirms that she's in New York City, Blue tries out some East Coast slang, which was mostly just him saying "son" a few times. The rapper then asks if she'll show him around the city the next time he makes it out, flirting in front of a large audience.

Blueface might just be trying to get his clout up, associating himself with somebody from 6ix9ine's past. The similarities in their rises are starting to show and now, their paths may even become parallel. What do you think?