Would you square up with Blueface? Recently video have been circulating throughout social media that reportedly show the "Thotiana" rapper knocking his opponents out cold. The rapper shared a series of clips on his Instagram Story where he showed off some of his fisticuffs moves. In one, he was obviously engaged in a friendly spar as both he and his opponent were wearing boxing gloves, but the other two seem like they were a bit more serious.

Some reports are stating that in one video, Blueface dodged a swing and knocked his foe to his knees after the man tried to pull up on the rapper. However, Blueface himself hasn't offered up any explanation for the physical altercation. "Works every time," he wrote over one of the videos.


Meanwhile, Santa Clarita news station KHTS reports that the rapper has recently surfaced in the Southern California suburb for a court appearance. He's connected to a case where he's accused of being involved in a shooting that occurred in November 2018. Police claim that Blueface was a passenger in a vehicle that exchanged gunfire with another car on a highway before crashing into a center divider. The outlet states that the rapper is set to return to court on October 18 for his pretrial hearing.