Blueface was just trying to pull off a generic rapper brag when a fan decided to shade him - well, maybe fan isn't the right word considering her comment on his Instagram post. Blueface shared a video of himself onstage at his show, holding a water bottle at his waist and emptying it on top of an audience member's head as if he were urinating. Despite this not seeming like the ideal concert experience, the Los Angeles rapper boasted in his caption, "Yo fav rapper show < Blueface show." 

One follower gave the sassy response, "Definitely not our favorite rapper but okay." Blueface spotted this shot in the comments and decided to fire back his own, pointing out her blatantly poor reading comprehension. He must have pulled up her page to gather some ammunition because he quipped, "I don't think you read that right jerginsha yo wig on to tight." For those who didn't pick up on where this woman went wrong: Blueface didn't claim to be your favorite rapper, he claimed he puts on a better show than your favorite rapper. Given the common braggadocio in rap, this remark is relatively modest. 

Maybe Blueface will become your favorite artist after he drops his Find The Beat album, which is set to release on December 6. In the meantime, you can listen to his Dirt Bag EP