Blueface is living the dream. That is, if your dream includes getting paid to do nothing. Last night, the one they call Bleed'em took to Instagram to boast about his latest fiscal accomplishment. Opening up an envelope stuffed with hundreds, Blueface reveals that he earned his latest batch of racks by simply hitting the club. Allow him to explain for himself. "This how much they pay the famous Crip just to come to the club," he says, spreading his bills across the counter. "Pour shots in bitches mouths. Free bottles, free tables, all that. This how much they pay me. I don't pay for no tables. The fuck?"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Clearly, club owners understand the value of Blueface's presence. One has to wonder how much he increases the total profit on a given night. Should they market the evening as "Blueface Night," it's entirely possible that the lineup would stretch 'round the corner. Perhaps an envelope full of racks is a small price to pay, even if it means doing the mopping once he departs in whirlwind fashion.

Should you ever find yourself owning a business, would you allocate a little space in the budget for a Blueface appearance?