Blueface is easily one of the most popular rappers out of the entire new school right now, gathering tons of attention for songs like "Bleed It" and "Thotiana." The Los Angeles rapper is known to be indifferent about staying on beat, which has worked out in his favor. People have been curious about what the hype is all about, looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish this year. His rise can mostly be attributed to his SoundCloud following. The young artist picked up steam on the free platform before seeing success on the Spotifys of the world. His way of giving back to the audio medium is in the form of a brand new tattoo, getting the SoundCloud logo etched into his skin. 

Blueface took to social media to show his tattoo artist working a new piece into his sleeve: the SoundCloud logo. To be completely honest, the music industry has seen weirder tattoos. Blue can certainly be described as a stereotypical SoundCloud rapper though. His music is not mixed well, his vocals sound like they've been recorded into a microphone with a sock placed over it, and it's generally just very lo-fi stuff. That's not a knock on him either, he's making his money and we'll surely see him invest in higher-quality resources when his album drops.

The SoundCloud tattoo absolutely makes sense for him at this stage of his career. Maybe he'll follow it up with Apple Music and Spotify next.