BlueFace's status continues to amass momentum, avalanche-esque, stronger than anybody ever expected. At this point, tales of his offbeat flow have spread far and wide, eliciting co-signs from JID, Denzel Curry, Boogie, Drake, YG, and more. Clearly, the game at large has been vibing with his energy, which is infectious to say the least. Now, the Blue One has joined the ranks of rappers whose Instagram antics are a spectacle in themselves, at least, on a miniature stage. Today marks the perfect example, as the young rapper has braved the elements to prove his dedication to the cause.

While innocuous in nature, BlueFace's constant indulgence in the C-Walk harkens back to a simpler hip-hop era, where Dub-C's "Tha Streets" found the "Ghetto Olympics" in full bloom. It's cool to see traditions remain afloat in the game, as such staples help make West-Coast rap what it is today. Respect to BlueFace, who continues to enjoy his staggering rise to the top of the game, without dropping a single hit song...yet.