As divisive as he might be in the eyes of the public, Blueface does reign supreme in particular category: creating cultural phenomena out of his lyrics, summarized in part by the "bust down thotiana" craze spawning an innumerable amount of copy-cats along the way. But as it turns out, Blueface has tricks other than "Bustdown" up his sleeve.

As you'll see in the following concert footage, Blueface pulled out a special issue Swiffer "WetJet" just to get a point across, all the while managing his wobbly interpretation of the C-Walk. Why a mop you ask?... Think back to October of last year when the Blueface mythology was just starting to pick up. The LA-bred rapper dropped the taunt-filled "Respect My Crypn" where the metaphor of a slippy floor gets called into action. Let's revisit the transcript and the bonus footage too.

"Give a fuck if he like it, but he gon' respect this crippin'
Yeah aight, it's all fun and games 'til a nigga trippin' 
Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch him slippin' 
Pull up, bounce out with a briefcase, it's time to handle business." - Blueface - "Respect My Crypn"

While Blueface little chances of creating a phenomenon in which rap fans casually go about their day carrying a mop handle, the prop does serve a purpose in building his mythology. The allusion of a hater falling prey to their own bullsh*t with a mop... just ask Blueface, he'll be making a foolie out of household items in no time.