The dedication that fans have to the artists they love is astounding. There was the person who inked portraits of Migos members Offset and Quavo on their forearms. Cardi B told a fan that they would receive free concert tickets forever after getting the rapper's image tattooed on themselves. A Lil Xan X superfan went out and got the exact same face tattoos as the young artist. Millions of people have permanently etched themselves with symbols, lyrics, album covers, or the faces of their favorite entertainers. 

Recently, Blueface boasted about his polyamorous relationship with his two new girlfriends, a trio that went sour as quickly as it started. Almost immediately after revealing his lady friends to the world, the infamous encounter with his mother and sister went viral. To prove to the rapper that they would stay loyal, both women got matching Benjamin Franklin tattoos that mirror the $100 bill that dons the former president's image and the portrait on Blueface's face and hand.

Another fan wants to join the Blueface Tribe of Tattoos as it looks like they've allotted a large portion of their thigh for a new piece. The California rapper shared a clip of the skilled artwork that shows half of Franklin's face matched with half of Blueface's mug. "Now dats a mf tattoo 🤭," the rapper wrote in the caption. A woman named Cely—a certifiable Blueface superfan—is the leg behind the ink. "What I Got Tatted 🤭💸," she wrote on Instagram. Hopefully, when she looks back at this decision 10 years from now, she's just as happy with this tat then as she is now.