There are several women out in the world who have received ink dedicated to Blueface. Some have been fans who wanted to show just how dedicated they are, while others are like Chrisean Rock who continues to brand herself with the rapper's name. Back in March, Blueface's artist revealed that she'd gotten his name tattooed on her face, and after the ink went viral, he vocalized his disapproval.

At the time, Blueface questioned why Chrisean would do something so drastic and she seemed to laugh at his anger, responding that it was a personal decision. On Wednesday (August 4), Chrisean revealed that she has yet another Blueface tattoo of his government named Jonathan Porter, this time on the side of her neck.

Blueface quickly returned with another video where he is heard questioning Chrisean about her most recent addition. She coyly avoids answering his inquiries while he makes it clear that he's not selling her a dream or making promises that they will be in a romantic relationship. Chrisean laughs it off, but Blueface sternly repeats himself to let his followers and fans know that there is nothing going on between the two of them.

"I'm just your biggest fan," she said in between laughs. He asked her if she understood what he was telling her and attempted to make her promise that this was the last tattoo of him or his name. Check out the exchange below.

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