Every single person who has posed for photographs over the years probably has at least one embarrassing shot they would rather keep buried. Thanks to the internet, in addition to the virtual community's disregard for privacy and tendency for displaying a "no f*cks given" attitude, the masses have been blessed with the latest "before the fame" entry featuring Blueface. View his "RAWR XD" swagger below.

The throwback picture shows the "Thotiana" rapper willingly posing for the camera with an unexpected hairstyle that conjures memories of Fall Out Boy for some and sassy church-going ladies for others. His straightened hair is styled the way middle-aged white ladies do when they opt for a fun cut to match their rediscovery of cool. Blueface's rendition excluded the typical reddish-purple dye job, however. And while he might not look "hood" to some, he was still repping his color.

Fans launched into a fury of humorous reactions to the picture. PEople asked the rapper why he be looking this their grandma. Blueface came through with his own question when he reposted the photo. "Who tf put this wig on my head," he wrote in the caption.